How to Remove Tree Stumps

Have you just cut a tree and thinking of how to get the stump out of the way? This can be a tricky process, sometimes even harder than cutting the tree itself. It is why most companies charge for it differently from tree cutting. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do it yourself, you can, and here is how.

Why Remove The Stump

  • Removing the stump frees up space.
  • Stumps can be hazardous, especially when you can’t see them.
  • Stumps spoil landscape beauty.

There are four methods for removing stumps. Once you have decided to remove it. Check to determine which method to use. The size and age of the tree, the number of stumps you’re removing, etc. will determine how you do it. That said, these are the methods.

  1. Manual Removal

This is removing the stump by hand. Depending on tree size, it takes between 3 to 12 hours. You’ll be needing tools such as digging bar, ax, mattock, shovel, bow saw. It is labor-intensive, so it best for a small to a medium-sized stump.

Step 1: Use the mattock’s broadside to dig the soil around and loosen it up

Step 2: Clear the loosened soil around the tree with a shovel till you can see the roots

Step 3: Cut the roots from the trunk using mattock or bow saw

Step 4: Keep digging and clearing till you reach the taproot

Step 5: Cut the taproot with saw or ax. Once you’ve cut through it, just wriggle the stump and pull it to remove. 

  1. Chemicals

This doesn’t require much labor, but it is slow—the bigger the tree, the slower. The tools you need are chainsaw and drill, ax, plastic tarp, potassium nitrate, and garden mulch.

Step 1: Use chainsaw to cut off the top of the truck as low to the ground as possible

Step 2: Drill wide deep holes right through the remaining stump

Step 3: Fill the holes with water and potassium nitrate, Epsom salt, stump removers granules, or any fertilizer high in nitrogen.

Step 4: Wet the soil around the stump till it’s soaked and cover with a tarp to keep it moisturized.

Step 5: Pour mulch on the tap and add water again.

Step 6: Check the progress and add more water and nitrogen.

Step 7: Within some weeks, the stump should turn spongy, and you can use an ax to speed the process.

  1. Burn

It is fast. you’ll need a drill, kerosene or petrol, and a tree stump removal product.

Step 1: Drill holes into the trunk and pour the removal product into it.

Step 2: Pour the fuel into the holes until it’s soaked.

Step 3: Set it on fire and watch it. Once the stump smolders, cover with soil to kill the fire.

  1. Use a grinder

Where there are multiple stumps or a large stump, rent a stump grinder. You’ll need tools such as shovel, rake, mattock, chainsaw.

Step 1: Clear the area around the stump.

Step 2: Use chainsaw to cut the stump low to the ground

Step 3: Place the grinder on the stump and turn it on. Keep grinding until the stump is about 4 inches below ground.

Step 4: Fill the hole with remnants and cover with soil.

Throughout any of the methods, wear protective gear. For more tree care and removal tips visit the link above.

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