Creating a Waterfall For Your Pool

Adding a swimming pool to your yard is one of the best home improvements you can do. Not only does it make your home more beautiful, but it is also a great spot to enjoy the company of family and friends. As wonderful as a swimming pool is, you can make it even better by adding a waterfall feature. A waterfall is customizable and easy to install components that will further beautify your pool and home surroundings. Here are things to consider when creating a waterfall.

Types of Waterfall

One of the things you have to consider before adding a waterfall to your pool is the type you will choose. There are several types available such as:

Water Curtain Waterfall: You can give your outdoor space a sleek and modern look with this waterfall. It is best to position the waterfall at the end of your pool, where water enters directly into the pool through the exit point. The water flow is in the form of a sheet, hence the name curtain.

Rain Forest Waterfall: Also known as Tropical Waterfall. This waterfall is created with rocks and stones along its base so the water can cascade on them. Through this arrangement, the waterfall recreates the sound of tropical forests. It is best for tropical or lagoon shaped pools and relatively easy to design and customize.

Arch Pool Waterfalls: If you are looking for a streamlined yet stylish waterfall, this is your best choice. It is ideal where your pool is located on the hill so that the water can sweep right to it. 


Another thing to consider when creating a waterfall for your pool is the sound. What will determine the sound is the volume of water and how the water enters the pool. A water curtain waterfall is the quietest of all the pools. The water hitting will also affect the sound; thus, you can create your waterfall on rocks and stones to make the gushing noise louder.

Choose Your Material

The pool type you are creating will influence your choices in terms of material. For instance, if you are building a rainforest swimming pool, you will need tiles and stones. These two materials would be used for the pool coping and decking. While your waterfall type helps narrow down your choices in material, these materials still have varieties. So you will have to decide which variety to use. For example, there are several types of stones, such as natural-looking stones, faux rocks, etc. Faux rocks are lighter and easier to use.


There are two things to consider when installing a waterfall. These are the water pressure and the size of the waterfall.  The size of the waterfall would be determined by the depth and size of your pool. Most times, it is either the waterfall is low and wide or high and narrow. On the other hand, the pressure would be determined by the water pump you use and the elevation of your waterfall. For a rainforest waterfall, the design is usually done on the high side of the pool, which is further elevated with rocks and stones.


A waterfall feature is something you can install yourself or use an expert builder. Either way, ensure you obtain all necessary permits before starting. For more information on swimming pools and waterfalls visit

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